Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Elixir of the Sun God

(this was supposed to be posted two nights ago, but the internet went funky on us)

What a day!  We rolled out of bed at 6am and headed back to the international airport to catch a plane to Puno, high in the Andes - 12,500 feet! - along the shore of Lake Titicaca.  We knew that the altitude would hit us hard, but I don't think any of us was quite ready for how we would feel without enough oxygen (and without enough sleep since many of the students stayed up late last night . . . ).  We rested for a long time, drinking tea and concentrating on breathing.  We ate a light lunch (mostly broth and our new favorite drink Inca Cola - our Elixir of the Sun God!) and then those of us who were feeling up to it hopped on a bus for a 40 minute drive to an Inca burial site ruin.  Let's just say the history teacher in me got pretty excited to finally experience one of the cultures that I've been teaching about in Global Studies I (10th grade) for years.  And we got to pet a baby vicuna - possibly the cutest animal on the planet.

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