Tuesday, May 22, 2012

what a whirlwind it´s been since i last posted from lima!  we hopped a two hour flight on sunday morning that took us up to lake titikaka, 12,500 feet above sea level.  i don´t think any of us were mentally prepared for how the high altitude would affect us.  getting off the plane, many of us immediately felt light headed and short of breath.  headaches and some nausea set in.  at the hotel (which is really nice) we drank lots of tea and took it easy.  eventually, about 2/3 of us felt good enough to go on an adventure to an ancient inca ruin - which was awesome!  that night we tasted some local cuisine, including cuy (guinea pig) which was absolutely delicious, and alpaca tenderloin!  the cuy tasted like very rich dark meat from chicken, and the alpaca tasted a bit like pork.

the last two days we´ve been out on some islands on the lake, doing a homestay with indigenous families.  we visited a school, played soccer, and did a bunch more treking around.  somehow we still haven´t fully acclimated and every walk up a hill is slow and painful - but the views have been . . . unbelievable.  i think those islands, and this lake high in the andes are the most beautiful place i have ever seen.  we have hundreds of photos to share when we get home, if they even do it justice.  

needless to say, i´ve been nursing a handful of students with belly, chest, throat and head pains (including my own headaches).  thankfully we´re all back in Puno now, which is still up high, but we´re taking the afternoon to relax.  everyone is feeling much better than a day ago.  tomorrow morning we fly back to lima for more adventures.

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