Friday, May 25, 2012


     It seems an epidemic has hit the legendary Peru Cru! Almost everyone in our group has gotten sick in the past couple of days from altitude sickness, stomach bugs, or sun exhaustion! The trip is coming to a close and what a trip it´s been. I personally got THE worst sunburn on the back of my legs after I regretfully decided to nap in the sun on our boat ride to Amantani Island, but WE HAVE SURVIVED and are still having a blast.
     Today, after a sweet roller coaster ride of a boating trip into the Pacific Ocean, we saw penguins, various other birds, and the cutest creature known to man (other than Vecunias)... Sea Lions. I still have Feist`s song Sea Lion stuck in my head. It gets better, not only did we see the Sea Lions, we got to swim with them! After wrestling with wetsuits that were either three sizes too big or too small, we leaped off the boat into the ice cold water and swam close to the kingdom of the sassy and fabulous Sea Lions with their chins high in the air. Many were curious and swam close to us, but after a few dope slaps to Mark`s face, we retreated back to the boat only to find some serious jelly fish colonies floating not far from us. Now when I say jellyfish, I don´t mean the jellyfish from spongebob; these jellyfish were HUGE and varied in color. Some had tentacles as long as my arm span, this small town Vermonter was slightly terrified.
    Next we had a yummy lunch at the naval club in Lima. We had fish soup with egg, potato, and some sort of spice for our first course. Then we had a Peruvian style beef curry with rice and another potato. When I get back to the states, I am not eating potatoes for a while, it´s been a potato overload. To finish the meal off there was some sort of cake with a lemony filling. Sadly, there was no daily dose of Inca Kola today.
  To wrap things up, WE ARE STILL ALIVE, and we are feeling great. Now we´re headed to a fancy dinner and Lex says she loves everyone.


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  1. Of course Dyson`s "epidemic" is 4 kids. The rest had some headaches or were very tired. They took some Advil and rested and felt much better...