Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the travel blog for the May 2012 Vermont Commons School learning expedition to Peru!  This trip is the brainchild and well-loved baby of Spanish teacher Adriana Comtois - born and raised in Peru and now a Vermonter.  Our students-of-the-world include seniors Eliot Crawford and Lex Jackson, sophomores Aidan Villani-Holland, Amber Quinlan, Emil Koenig, Grace Seeley, Miles Lamberson and Mitchell Leffler, and from 9th grade, Dyson Lord and Nora Hill.  As we travel, explore and reflect, students will post to this blog, so please stay tuned!


  1. This trip is going to be so much fun! The weather is helping greatly in Peru. Lima is having and extended summer and the forecast for Puno is 50F with sunny skies. We couldn't ask for more!

  2. I'm so PUMPED!!!! This trip is going to amazing!